Point of View Selling in Professional Services

On June 11 (1 pm EST), Brian Sommer from Vital Analysis will be leading a discussion on Selling Professional Services via a Point of View style. The web-based seminar is being hosted by PSA (professional services automation) vendor OpenAir. Registration information and call-in details will be found soon at: http://www.openair.com/home/newsEvents.html .

Title: “Point of View & Other Selling Styles – Winning Sales Practices in Professional Services” If your services sales teams aren’t delivering the results you desire, maybe it’s the approach they use. Do they engage with the prospect or talk about your firm? Do they come back feeling they’ve validated critical client needs and can develop winning, relevant proposals? If not, attend this short but intense webinar by Brian Sommer. Brian was a long-time, successful Accenture partner who has trained thousands of sales professionals at leading software and consulting firms globally. He’ll discuss a selling style, Point of View selling, that’s far more deadly with CXOs than any other approach. In a tight economy, can you really afford to miss this? Briefly, Brian will use humor, facts, experience and more to discuss:    – the four common styles of selling services and where these are most appropriate    – how CXOs (not service professionals) define how a consultative sale should work    – the key elements of a point of sale approach    – what should/shouldn’t go into your sales decks

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