Meta4 Makes Research Report Available

 Meta4, a global HR software vendor, recently posted this press release on its website ( At the end of this release is a link offering a copy of a recently prepared Meta4 research report. The following was originally posted at: .

December 2007

-Meta4’s Active HR Solution Significantly Enhances Employee and
Manager Experience-

MIAMI, Fla. (December 10, 2007) – Meta4, a multinational company specializing in human and intellectual capital management (HICM) solutions, today announced its inclusion in an in-depth report issued by Vital Analysis, a leading publisher of technology research that speaks for and to top executives. Vital Analysis is the analytical arm of TechVentive, Inc., a company that advises technology and services firms and develops thought leadership, marketing materials, sales campaigns, channel programs and sales training initiatives.

According to the report, “There is no doubt that Meta4 has been a successful HR provider. They have partnered with some of the biggest HR providers in specific markets globally. We believe Meta4 has a very good chance for succeeding in this marketplace.”

Calling Meta4’s Active HR solution, “one of the more successful HRO products in the marketplace,” the report explores Meta4’s expansion into the American marketplace. The company has successfully worked with clients and partners in Western Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific region and now is entering the North American software arena.

Citing Meta4’s extensive product line and multinational support capabilities, the report notes that Meta4’s planned mid-market growth is on target. The report states, “Even mid-market companies need more agile and nimble solutions as they enter and exit new world markets.”

“It is gratifying to receive recognition for our software solutions from industry research reports such as this,” said Carlos Diaz, vice president of Pan-America and Global Accounts Officer for Meta4. “In their report, Vital Analysis recommends that multinational and global firms evaluate our PeopleNet 7 product because it is a robust and complete solution. With our next-generation product, employees and managers will have a more enhanced experience through Active HR.”

The Vital Analysis report noted that the new product will deliver “the ability for HR to become more active in guiding operations or line management with the analysis and application of Human Capital.”

To view a complete copy of Vital Analysis report, visit More information about Vital Analysis can be accessed at

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