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We recently completed the first in a number of PSA (Professional Services Automation) and PPM (Project Portfolio Management) reports that will be produced this summer and fall. We have started with OpenAir, a firm we have watched for some time. OpenAir has consistently received good word-of-mouth recommendations from users and was recently acquired by NetSuite (NYSE symbol: N).  

Here is an excerpt from the Summary section of the report:

On balance, we like OpenAir’s broad functionality and integration to numerous front and back office solutions.  We are generally optimistic about the acquisition by NetSuite but will watch this over time to ensure that OpenAir’s market reputation does not slip post-acquisition.


We believe that for OpenAir to move further up-market, it will need to develop additional internal capabilities or relationships with third-party integrators to serve the very largest service organizations in the world.  The scale of some of these significant “whale sales” could swamp either OpenAir or NetSuite.  We also believe that firms such as Primavera or CA will present a formidable competition in the highest levels of the marketplace with their Evolve and Clarity products, respectively.

This report is available for download immediately. It is priced at $395 and can be ordered via our online request form or by email: .  

OpenAir Cover

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