Tom Ryan, good friend and colleague, and I took a fairly good look at Plex Systems recently.

If you don’t know Plex, they’ve got a solid SaaS (software-as-a-service) ERP solution. We’ve interviewed customers, top management and more to develop this report.

Vital Analysis 2010 Plex report

Here’s an excerpt from our Market Prognosis section of the report:

Currently, Plex Systems is enjoying significant market uptake in spite of the general economy. Why? We believe software buyers are becoming ever more attracted to the favorable economics behind true SaaS products. For those customers who are in the verticals that Plex Systems supports, Plex Systems has very limited competition.

The competitive landscape may change soon as RootStock, a NetSuite based MRP solution, may be gaining ground in the SaaS space. Likewise, we anticipate SAP making new moves with its Business ByDesign product suite. Mark Symonds, CEO of Plex Systems, remarked that SAP’s announcement of Business ByDesign in 2007 was a positive for his firm as it showed a major ERP vendor embracing software as a service.He added that SAP’s decision to slow down or halt sales of that product was an even
bigger favor.

VisionPlex, the Plex Systems PaaS, may benefit from additional utilization by Plex partners. Product line extensions by these partners will only extend the market uptake of Plex applications.

We believe that Plex has market awareness, customer credentials and market momentum going for it now. It will need to embrace more service partners, strengthen the relationships it has with current partners and aggressively position its SaaS credentials
before prospects as competition will undoubtedly increase

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