Jeffrey L. Williams (Jeff), good friend and colleague, and I took a fairly good look at Intacct recently.

If you don’t know Intacct, they’ve got a solid SaaS (software-as-a-service) Accounting solution that integrates with many best of breed solutions to round out an entire suite. We’ve interviewed top management, participated in product demonstrations, and more to develop this report.

 Intacct Report Cover May 2010

 Here’s an excerpt from our Market Prognosis section of the report:

We particularly like the following about Intacct and its products:

  • The company is very focused on its product line focus (financials) and its sales strategies.
  • The company’s distribution channel is quite enviable. Moreover, the solution very elegantly solves a number of business needs that accounting firms (and their clients) have.
  • We also liked the team at Intacct and believe them to be motivated, sharp and focused on the right priorities for the company


We believe additional focus may be required in these areas:

  • Intacct does not currently offer a PaaS. We believe this could be a limiting factor in its attractiveness to other software firms, systems integrators and other potential partners. Clients would benefit from a PaaS as well.
  • Supporting multi-nationals may force Intacct to develop more skills, more product capabilities and more local sales/support personnel. Rolling this out will need to be carefully metered if the company is to maintain growth rates cost effectively. Multi-lingual support is just one need here.
  • We believe the products could go even further up-market. The functionality may already adequate to do so for many prospective customers. However, Intacct will need more applications/application coverage to improve its penetration in larger accounts. This may also require an upgrading of Intacct’s service partner ecosystem, too.

Overall, Intacct should exhibit better than average growth in the SaaS financial software space. As long as the company continues to serve customers well (e.g., no material system outages) and develops more product and architectural capabilities in a timely manner, they should do quite well.”

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