Making the Business Case for Talent Management and Learning Systems

Dr. Katherine Jones has been working with the Vital Analysis team here for the last 18 mos. or so. If you don’t know her, she’s quite an expert on HR and ERP technologies. Recently, she penned a research report on building a great talent management business case.  Katherine’s posted this announcement on the Vital Analysis website and has graciously offered to make it available to others. Simply complete the request form on this website or send us an email at .

Here is a small quote from this report:

“The most successful business cases are tight in their focus; rather than promising to do everything that may relate to corporate goals at a specific time, narrowing the intent of the technology to the most important and attainable objectives. Map key business needs to learning and talent improvement requirements, then focus on the results expected: for example, improved customer engagement through better trained sales and service personnel, or retaining skilled workers with hard-to-get skills through a better rewards system. “

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