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New Report Available: Talent Management with Intellectual Property

We recently met with Michael George of Vurv at the Fall 2007 HR Technology show in Chicago. Vurv made a big splash with their talent management solutions. Vital Analysis prepared a short research report based on the new announcements. Herewith is a brief excerpt from the Vurv Product Details section of the report:

The new Vurv products show very well. The user interface is crisp and intuitive. But the bigger story may be in the inclusion of a significant amount of intellectual property within the product. For example, the performance management software comes complete with detailed knowledge of some 1750 competencies. Interview questions are prepopulated with approximately 25,000 questions that recruiters, supervisors and interviewers can utilize. These questions assist individuals in assessing the degree of competency of individual candidates and employees. Much of this new intellectual property comes to Vurv via their acquisition of InScope in January 2006.

The new succession planning module has side-by-side comparisons of key employees. Relevant competency strengths and gaps are highlighted as well as differences in education and other relevant attributes. Specific plans regarding these individuals can be generated and incorporated into that person’s training program or future staffing/role assignments. Whereas some talent management tools provide career development planning as part of a training module, Vurv makes it part of its succession planning functionality. This is a better placement for this functionality.”

This report is available at no charge for a limited time to those who send a valid business email to:  or submit a request using our request form page.

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