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Silk Road’s Personal Approach to On-Boarding

At the recent HR Technology show in Chicago, we briefly reviewed SilkRoad technology, Inc.’s new on-boarding product. That review was documented in a brief research report. A portion of the Prognosis section of the report includes:

SilkRoad’s approach to HR technology bears some cultural resemblance to the early days of PeopleSoft. It’s not just that the technology is competitive with other products, SilkRoad’s approach to these functional needs is different. The difference is in the care they have taken to understand the underlying humanity that must be engineered into human resource technology.

We believe this firm’s approach will be welcomed in human resource circles. SilkRoad is targeting mostly midmarket firms for its solutions. It is also working hard to keep the total landed cost of its capabilities at very low price points. Because of the sensitivity of cost to the SMB marketplace, SilkRoad should benefit from better than average market uptake.”

This report is available at no charge for a limited time to those who send a valid business email to:  or submit a request using our request form page.

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  1. I’d like to obtain a free copy of your report on RedCarpet and other onboarding systems. Is that possible?

    Linda Calcagni
    Director, Human Capital

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