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NetSuite Adds Powerful Tools to its Product Line

Late 2007, NetSuite announced powerful new product line capabilities to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application product line. We were particularly impressed with the intense new vertical extensions that have been developed by NetSuite resellers using the new SuiteBundler tools.

In the Prognosis section of our report, we wrote that:

For NetSuite customers, SuiteBundler is a very positive, albeit indirect, step forward. SuiteBundler should trigger a landslide of new vertical functionality within the NetSuite ecosystem.  For NetSuite’s target market, the small to midsized business, this additional breadth and depth in industry functionality is a welcome sight.  While high-end ERP solution providers possess some of this needed industry expertise in their products, their price points are cost prohibitive for SMB buyers.  Traditional SMB solutions often contain stripped down or skeletal vertical capabilities.  These traditional SMB solutions may create perplexing or undesirable workarounds for their customers and often require excessively high-cost implementation fees to make workable. SuiteBundler should help usher in a more cost-effective and robust set of vertical solutions for the SMB space.”


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