Progress Apama – An Event Technology That’s Work a Long, Hard Look

We recently had a chance to watch a demonstration of Progress’ Apama product.  Apama is an event-driven technology that has seen market successes in the financial services industry. The demonstration we witnessed was in another industry – Manufacturing – and was provided by a Progress partner Manuvis.  This demonstration was so striking because of the way that Manuvis has incorporated event processing into discrete manufacturing. Consider this example:

Manuvis continuously monitors production equipment and other key production statistics in a manufacturing environment. Suppose the software detects a continuing anomaly in a machine. The software will notify workers to tend to the machine. The software will also dynamically re-direct production and potentially re-optimize the production schedule. Workers, in a Manuvis environment, answer to this network software – not a production supervisor. Why? No human being can continuously monitor every aspect of production, every product produced, every machine, etc. Nor can a production supervisor continuously re-adjust production schedules, repairs, etc. while monitoring events at the plant.

ERP systems were good at crafting a periodic production schedule; however, the need to optimize business results requires a more dynamic solution. Event-driven technologies, like Apama, are particularly well-suited to such a business need.

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