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Impressive Pedigree, Growth and Market Focus

From the Overview section of this report:

We see at least three types of firms requiring staff augmentation assistance. At one level, there are highly dysfunctional firms who are undergoing some sort of crisis or time sensitive need for additional staff. For these firms, vacancies must be filled and filled immediately. The second kind of need arises for those companies who have moved past the crisis and now want to understand and mitigate those causal factors that created the staffing problem in the first place. The third kind occurs when companies have moved to a stable work environment and are seeking methods to improve the long-term quality of their work force and of the methods used to identify, recruit and retain those workers.

Veritude has structured its business to help companies at any of these three levels and also to help firms move from one level of staffing capability to the next. To that end, the company provides contingent staffing services as well as consulting services, Managed Services Programs (MSPs) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).”

We developed this report shortly after this Fall’s HR Technology conference in Chicago. Veritude’s briefing and executives were most impressive and we strongly recommend users of traditional staffing firms should shortlist this company.

For a very limited time, this report is available via email to those requestors submitting a valid business email address. Please send your request to or use our

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