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New Kenexa Report

We recently attended an analyst day at Kenexa’s headquarters outside of Philadelphia. We were briefed on a number of product and company announcements and have included much of this in a detailed report.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Product Direction section of the report:

“Kenexa is spending approximately $35 million in R&D this year.  While significant enhancements are being made to existing Kenexa products such as BrassRing, CareerTracker and Assessments, the big story is Kenexa’s development of its next-generation platform currently called Kenexa 2X.


The 2X platform works with an all-new common services architecture.  The common services layer will include a significant number of technologies that can be used across an array of talent management applications.  These would include capabilities such as charting, background checks, surveying, etc. The 2X platform sits between the applications in the common services layer.  The 2X platform provides a more detailed set of critical services that are shared and tightly integrated with all applications.  Examples of this shared functionality and include workflow, competencies, organization structure, etc.


By the end of 2008, Kenexa Recruiter BrassRing functionality will be built anew with the common services architecture.  Likewise, Kenexa CareerTracker will also be in beta.  The new products have been substantially developed already and we have seen working versions of same. The new products are not complete though.”

This report is available to subscribers or can be individually purchased for $395. To order a copy, please submit a request or contact us via email at .

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