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NEON – Coda’s New Product Line

Neon, briefly, builds on strong core financial modules CODA’s had for decades. It incorporates a new user interface and very tight integration with Microsoft Office products (e.g., Outlook, Infopath, SharePoint, Excel, etc.).

We’ve documented the Neon solution in an analyst report and it can be requested, free of charge for a limited time, just by sending your name and a valid business email address to .

Here’s the Executive Overview text:

This week, CODA PLC announced the availability of its new Neon product line. The most noticeable aspects of this new offering are in the user interface and usability of the financial applications.

Neon is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office products (e.g., InfoPath and Outlook) and this integration permits an enhanced audit trail with suppliers and other constituents. Original source documents, like requisitions sent via e-mail, are made part of transactions.

Overall, the product line builds on pre-existing functionality found in earlier versions of CODA Financials. Beta customers see this product as an opportunity to drive further efficiency gains in their back office, supply chain and other areas.

We view the product to be quite useful for firms considering shared service centers. Alternatively, BPO providers may want to consider this product part of their solution set.

The product uses Microsoft Office products to deliver enhanced collaboration capabilities and improve worker efficiency.

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